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Dogs4u is a growing family business that manufactures custom-made dog leashes and collars from BioThane material.


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Relyef, a company that focuses on creating high-quality pottery tools, was running its store on a small e-commerce platform. The platform wasn’t user-friendly and even small customizations were difficult to make. It didn’t support the new EU tax system (OSS) which forced Relyef to migrate in order to continue selling. Furthermore, the previous e-commerce platform was missing key features, that had to be solved in order for the store to continue selling legally (e.g. EU tax system, GDPR and cookies regulations). Relyef also couldn’t provide a proper solution for their potential B2B clients.

As a result, the company was looking for an agency to transfer the online store to a new e-commerce platform, resolve the issues with OSS, improve the UX/UI design of the store and implement new functionalities that would help manage all wholesale sales.


Store na míru

Our solution allowed Relyef to continue growing on the Czech market and start selling internationally

Relyef stores are now fully optimised for both B2C and wholesale clients

Successful migration to Shopify, which allows Relyef to keep on growing their business

Fakturoid for easy invoicing

UX and UI improvements across both of the stores

Increased revenue

Increased AOV and Conversion

Relyef started their journey on a small-scale e-commerce platform, with many limitations in terms of growth and further scaling of the brand. Relyef soon started thinking about migrating their store to a different platform, Shopify. We were contacted by Relyef shortly after that, and were asked to deliver 2 completely new, functional and appealing Shopify stores.


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