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Case Study

Migration & Optimalization

Dogs4u is a growing family business that manufactures custom-made dog leashes and collars from BioThane material.


Getting modern and customizable

The client was suffering from an outdated e-commerce platform and an inability to set up product customization - the majority of orders had to be processed manually, which was unsustainable anymore with the raising volume of orders.


Editable theme and product customization

We have set up the Shopify store with the use of one of our beloved design themes that allow easy and independent editing of the content in the storefront without involving developers. On top of that, we have integrated the store with the product customizer allowing customers to choose all addons and options for leashes and collars without reaching out to the client.



The new, refreshed look of the brand and store

Easy editability of content via Theme Editor

Product customizer

Fakturoid for easy invoicing


What the client says

“Very flexible, on-point, and very well-organized communication and the team. We have niche products, and that is why we have been looking for e-commerce specialists for a long time, and we made a good decision to start working with you. After launching our new store, we can surely say that the change was definitely for good. Our clients are very happy with the new solution, so we do. The biggest concern was the migration itself, but it was smooth and made on A+.”


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